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We are delighted to announce the joining of Youth Justice Institute, currently a project of the Tides Center, and Planning for Change, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.The two organizations formally become one entity on September 1, 2010 and the new organization will be known as Youth Justice Institute.

Since 2002, Youth Justice Institute (YJI) has worked to address the needs of youth involved in the court systems throughout California. YJI has designed and delivered programs and services to meet the unique needs of girls and boys, and has worked to reduce delinquency and prevent violence. YJI has served hundreds of youth each year since its inception.

Since 2004, Planning for Change (PFC) has worked to increase the effectiveness of social change groups by building their capacity to plan and evaluate their work. PFC has provided technical assistance to many notable organizations—including the W. Haywood Burns Institute, the Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice, and the Center for Young Women’s Development—on a variety of projects addressing pressing criminal and juvenile justice issues.

The new organization will build on the successes and strengths already established by PFC and YJI. The programs and services previously provided by YJI and PFC will continue to serve youth and juvenile justice organizations and systems in California. What will change is an expanded ability to achieve the new organization’s mission: “To better the lives of the youth we serve and to facilitate positive changes within the systems that affect them.”

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