Blogs :: Clatonia Joaquin Dorticus (Black History Month)

Feb 22, 2010
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Clatonia Joaquin Dorticus was an Cuban American inventor from New Jersey. Perhaps because of his first name, he is regularly listed as an African American woman inventor. However, he is listed in a New Jersey census as a male and further research confirms that.

He invented an improved photographic print wash machine and method. During the process of developing a photographic print or negative, the product is soaked in several chemical baths. The print wash neutralizes the chemicals in each bath process, so that by the time the chemicals effect a print can be exactly controlled.

He also invented an improved machine for embossing photographs. His machine was designed to mount or emboss a photographic print. Embossing is a method or raising parts of a photograph for a relief or 3D look.

thats a good thing he was here with us but down his past, the movie thester starting to have new movie and new technology like new pictures and 3D movies.he is a GREAT inventors. and theres are more inventors out there for tyou to learned.