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                   Something Unique about me :D!


 Well there are a couple of things that's unique about me. Of course I'm AWESOME, BUT what makes me awesome? Hmmm, have you seen my smile?! Lol jk. On a serious note the things that make me very awesome and very unique are that: I love just about anything that has to do with computers and computing, I take about 5-10 minutes to do my hair in the morning (sometimes even more :D), I love to play the awesome sport of Tennis and I am Honduran (Yea look it up). There’s more but really you have to know me to know :D. I have grown a strong liking for Motion Graphics and that is really what I want to be doing, as I grow older. For most of my life I have had a passion for computers they have really played a huge role in my life. I can’t even spell entirely well without those red lines under my words (Lol Yeah that might be considered bad but “Hey” I’m working on it)(I mean I am not horrible without it I am not even bad without spell check). For a long time I had been interested in just graphic design, not to long I even bought myself a MacBook Pro so I can better myself and hone my Photoshop skills. Then I was introduced to After Affects and at first I wasn’t so “into it” until I actually learned what it can do and the potential it has to create beautiful art while it can move. I suppose I have always been interested in arts. I am also interested in sound on films. With that everything has to be precise. I am pushing myself to learn that element of Media while learning everything else including regular school education. I still try to better myself in my Photoshop skills as still do work on it. Really I’m interested in Media Arts including film, as I love to work a camera, both still and recording. So that is what makes me awesome and unique, I didn’t explain the other things that make me awesome but really there doesn’t need to be an explanation. I’m just AWESOME :D.  


Your blogs "awesome" jose,lol.Seriously it's a definate knee-slapper : ]]