How-To :: How to use Casual Carpool

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What is Casual Carpool?

  • Casual Carpool offers a (usually) one way trip from the East Bay to San Francisco ( Fremont/Mission and nearby) in the morning. You usually get back by yourself on transit in the evening or if you are lucky you can catch a ride back.
  • It is 'casual' : you simply wait at a designated area and get picked up.

How does it work?

  • You get picked up by someone driving by.
  • Be polite and don't eat or drink in the car.
  • Let drivers start the chatter: they may prefer to focus on driving
  • If you are in a car that has to pay a toll (like it's past commute time arriving at the toll gate) passengers should pay more than fair share to encourage the driver to continue picking up passengers.
  • Use common sense: if you don't feel comfortable getting a ride with someone, let someone else go. Three to a car is safest for passengers and driver, though two people is enough for a two seat car.
  • Read the website below on Casual Carpool before hitching a ride!

Where do I get picked up?