How-To :: How to keep your job once you have it!

by lifeportal

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So, you've gotten in the here is how to stick around!

Starting your new job

When you start your job you'll have to fill out employment eligibility paperwork. Start by bringing your picture ID and your social security card with you to work on your first day. Your employers will need them.

There are other forms of identification and eligiblity paperwork that are accepted. You can see form I9 for lists. You need EITHER one from Column A or one from Column B *AND* one from Column C. You can see the form at

Keeping your new job

It's mostly common sense, but keep in mind the following things once you start working:

  • Be on time! Punch in/out when you come and go.
  • Be careful that 10 min breaks are 10 mins breaks and don't slide into 15 mins.
  • Keep on top of the dress code, especially if it is not spelled out for you. If there is a 'casual friday', find out how casual it is: your idea of casual and your boss' might be different!
  • Ask questions and show your interest in your work-it will pay off! You just might be lined up for promotion!
  • Keep that great smile on! It's hard sometimes, especially when you know the customer is *not* right, but the attitude you carry is the most important thing you've got to put a face to the company you work for.
  • Always be professional. This means not taking things personally, taking care of business, leaving your mood at the door, and not hanging on your cell phone and texting friends during work hours. In fact, if you carry a personal cell phone, leave it in your locker or turn it off.
  • If you have a problem with a coworker, and can't work it out casually between you, talk to your supervisor. It's way more professional than gossiping, and much more productive than being upset about what's happening.



awesome, I will try to implement what I haven't yet :)