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Driving School

A driving school will help you get your drivers license by helping you prepare for the written exam as well as the actual driving test. They'll make sure you understand all the rules of the road, then when you are ready, they'll actually take you driving and teach you all the skills you need to know to be a good driver.

Here is a special driving school - we think they are cool!

Apex Driving School Note: Can help with Special needs (physical and learning disabilities) and offer free pickup &drop off for behind the wheel training. Classroom training is $55-70, discounted rate for 6 hours of in-car training is $390.

210 Fell Street (at Franklin), San Francisco 94102 (415) 252-7760 Eligibility: Age 15 years for classroom education,15 and 1/2 years for in-car training.

Bay Area Driving Schools

Hayward Office 1070 A Street (Between Mission & Foothill Blvd.) Hayward, CA 94541 (510) 886-1016

Berkeley Office 2015 Center Street ("Language Studies International Building", cross street is Shattuck ) Berkeley, CA (510) 430-8770 Have to be 15 to attend driver's ed course and 15 '½ to receive driver's training. Driver's ed costs $125 and driver's training costs $385. They do have a discount combination rate of $410 for both driver's ed and driver's training.